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Why hire an Ad Agency?

It is of no doubt that every brand needs advertising, either in one way or the other. But does it need to be done by an external agency? Why not just whip something up in-house and disseminate it through a few good media out there? Why hire an entire firm (and bear the costs thereof) instead of just hiring a few freelancers from the market and get them to develop something for us right?

WRONG! So very wrong! In today’s competitive market, if a brand fails to create a convincing and catchy ad, it will not sell, and that means it will fail. Advertisements are so much more than what we see printed on newspapers or broadcast on radio and television. They involve intricacies and even the most minor details often have catastrophic results in terms of messaging. Therefore, it is best to bring in the experts who devote their full time to creating and distributing ads.

Here are a few reasons why to choose an ad agency:

1. Objective external perspective

You may know your business better than anyone but that is as much a weakness as it is a strength. You are biased about your brand and often have a warped (and unmoving) perspective of what is best for it. This leads to missing out on market opportunities. Plus, you are already busy within your brand. Will you even have time to do the market research, audience segmentation etc. necessary to create a magnificent ad? That is why you should bring in an advertising agency which will offer an external and objective viewpoint which will open your eyes to different realities which you otherwise may not have considered.

2. Cost and Time efficiency

You pay ad agencies for when they work with you and don’t pay them when they don’t. It’s as simple as that. You don’t need to keep them on a monthly payroll as you would with a full-fledged employee. But why not hire freelance advertising personnel instead of the full firm? Well, the simple answer is because there are no good freelancing advertising personnel out there? Highly skilled, experiences ones prefer to work for ad agencies rather than individual brands and those who do work with brands are often not that good. So, if you want good people, you have to take in a firm.

Also, hiring a complete ad agency gives a good value for money. The problem with hiring experts is that a person can only be good at a few things. If you hire a design specialist then what about the creative expert? A creative expert does not produce? A producer then would not be able to distribute those ads. And a media planner can do nothing but disseminate the ads. So then why not hire them all? An ad agency has all these experts so it provides a one-stop-solution for all your marketing needs. Plus, agencies have years of experience and work with multiple brands simultaneously. So they bring cross-board know-how and will be better equipped than individual experts.

Also, giving the responsibility of developing ads to an external agency frees up your corporate staff to devote their time to more fruitful functions rather than thinking about marketing.

3. Connections

Hiring an advertising agency brings with new connections. Ad agencies have pre-existing relationships with media, vendors, studios etc. that they have cultivated over time. Hiring an ad agency means you get to take advantage of these connections and may be establish a direct link with them yourself for future projects.

4. Making the most out of your budget

When trying to maximise output out of tight budgets, seeking professional help is always a sound decision. Ad agencies bring experience to the table – experience of working with various types of clients with various kinds of financial limitations. They will present a marketing package best suited to the budget you give them and this will help you get your brand out there, even when money is tight.

The point is, why carry the weight of publicity of your brand on your shoulders when you can hire an ad agency to carry it for you.

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